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Key Note Lectures

Liver-Gut Axis

  • The liver gut axis in inflammatory liver and bowel disease
  • Immunology of the Liver-Gut Axis
  • Microbiome liver gut and brain interaction
  • IBD and Liver disease: Never mind the theory what would you do in practice?


Advances in Liver Transplantation – Organ Allocation


  • Liver graft options for children in the 21st century
  • Expanding donor pool Lessons learnt from adult practices and translating to paediatric transplants
  • Machine reperfusion
  • Sharing organs splitting livers

Science looking to the future

New Treatments for:

  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease
  • Fibrosis
  • Cholestatic liver disease
  • Viral Hepatitis: B and C
  • Metabolic liver disease
  • Identifying targets for treatments
  • Gene therapy
  • Stem Cell Therapy

Parallel sessions and workshops

Nutrition, Intestinal and Gastrointestinal Rehabilitation

  • GLP- 2 for short bowel syndrome causing IF
  • Infants on Parenteral Nutrition: Getting the caloriesright
  • NAFLD and Liver-Gut Axis
  • Liver and Gut Microbiome involvement in Intestinal Failure and IFALD

Role of Endoscopy

  •  Managing Out of Hours Bleeding

  • Training the Trainers

  • Prophylactic endoscopic management of varices vs beta blockers in children

Care closer to home and networking and Artificial Intelligence

  • Case Presentations from regional hospitals in the United Kingdom
  • 2020 Vision: Care closer to home using AI Hepatobiliary surgery
  • Biliary Atresia long term outcomes
  • Tumour management
  • Long term outcome of paediatric liver transplantation
  • Management of Pancreatitis

Allied Health Professional Led Workshops


  • Transition/adolescent Lessons learnt
  • Getting your mind around transition
  • Transitioned and transitioning patients and parents
  • Perspectives in supporting young people in residential care
  • What do I want to know? What works well in adult services

Multi Disciplinary Working

  • Measuring frailty (Sarcopenia)
  • Role of Advanced Nurse Practitioner
  • Pain Management
  • Looking after ourselves as Health Care Professionals, resilience and self-care

Key Note Speakers

Liver Gut Axis

  • Professor David Adams, University Hospital of Birmingham
  • Professor Ye OO, University Hospital of Birmingham
  • Professor Richard Russell, Glasgow
  • Professor Manu Sood, Milwaulkee, USA

New Drugs and Therapies

  • Professor Quentin Anstee, Newcastle
  • Professor Ulrich Baumann, Hannover
  • Dr Indra van Mourik, Birmingham Women’s & Children’s Hospital
  • Dr Rafeeq Muhammed, Birmingham Women’s & Children’s Hospital
  • Professor David Mutimer, University Hospital of Birmingham
  • Professor Phil Newsome, University Hospital of Birmingham
  • Dr Palak Trivedi, University Hospital of Birmingham
  • Professor Ted Tuddenham, Royal Free, London
  • Professor David Wraith, University Hospital of Birmingham

Transplantation and Hepatobiliary

  • Professor Mark Davenport, King’s College Hospital, London
  • Professor Christophe Chardot, Paris
  • Professor Jean de Ville de Goyet, ISMETT, Palermo
  • Dr Girish Gupte, Birmingham Women’s & Children’s
  • Professor Deirdre A Kelly, CBE, BWCH
  • Mr Hynek Mergental, University Hospital of Birmingham
  • Professor Darius Mirza, UHB & BWCH
  • Professor Paolo Muisean, UHB & BWCH
  • Mr Thamara Perera, UHB & BWCH
  • Dr Neelam Mohan, New Delhi
  • Mr Khalid Sharif, Birmingham Women’s and Children’s Hospital
  • Professor Anupam Sibal, New Delhi
  • Dr Douglas Thorburn, Royal Free, London 

Intestinal Failure and Nutrition

  • Dr Nitika Arora, Atlanta
  • Dr Akshay Batra, Southampton General Hospital
  • Dr Ronald Bremner, Birmingham Women’s & Children’s
  • Dr Sue Protheroe, Birmingham Women’s and Children’s


    Professor Patrick McKiernan, Pittsburgh

    Dr Priya Narula, Sheffield

    Professor Mike Thomson, Sheffield

    Mr Tony Lander, Birmingham Women’s & Children’s

    Care Closer to Home

    • Dr Chris Spray, Bristol
    • Representatives from four nations: England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales

    • Allied Health Professional and Multi Disciplinary Teams

    • Ms Rachel Desai, Birmingham Women’s and Children’s Hospital
    • Ms Rebecca Hodgetts, Birmingham Women’s and Children’s Hospital
    • Ms Jemma Mears, Birmingham Women’s and Children’s Hospital
    • Ms Julie Summersby, Birmingham Women’s and Children’s Hospital
    • Ms Monica Smith, BWCH & UHB
    • Ms Zoe Taylor, Birmingham Women’s and Children’s Hospital
    • Youth Support Worker, Childrens Liver Disease Foundation

    Closing Guest Lecture

    Looking to the future

    Professor Paul Gissen, Great Ormond Street


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